Coordinators: L. Ragazzoni, T. Codreanu

Credit units: 5

Study time: 125


Specify the specific medical disaster management concepts and principles in relation to the different natural disasters, technological disasters, social disasters and terrorist incidents, and in particular:
1. the health effects in relation to a specific disaster;
2. the health preparedness measures;
3. the medical response measures.


Previous knowledge
The content of the programme units on medical skills, acute medicine, care of critically ill and management of urgencies and emergencies, applied toxicology of the respective master programmes.


Study material
The website of the master ( provides the students with the core content and “need to read” material. Exercises, executed individually or in group, at the website of the master or during the live-in course.

Mode of assessment
Test at the end of the module and final examination at the website of the master.

1. Avalanche (J. Franc)
2. Cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons (C. P. Gundran)
3. Earthquake (I. Pereira, S. Lampakis)
4. Fire (P. Aitken)
5. Flood and tsunami (A. Idrose)
6. Heat wave (H. Ebeid)
7. Landslide (I. Pereira)
8. Tornado (C. Stewart)
9. Volcanic eruption (R. Toto)
10. Winter storm (J. Franc)
11. Disasters in small islands and archipelagos (I. Pereira)
12. Airport incidents (M. Kesic)
13. Chemical incidents (P. Halpern)
14. Explosions (C. Stewart)
15. Maritime incidents (J. Guimarães Garcia and T. Codreanu)
16. Radiation incidents (A. Djalali)
17. Rail incidents (J. Guimarães Garcia)
18. Road traffic incidents (S. Lampakis)
19. Tunnel incidents (F. Foti and M. Azzaretto)
20. Mass Gathering (A. Radwan, A. Revello)
21. Epidemics and pandemics (J. Franc)
22. Gunshot mass casualties (M. Azzaretto)
23. Civil unrest and rioting (J. Guimarães Garcia)
24. Introduction to terrorism (T. Codreanu)
25. Bombings (C. Stewart)
26. Bioterrorism
27. Chemical Weapons (T. Codreanu)
28. Environmental terrorism (J. Franc)
29. Electronic terrorism (J Franc, C. Stewart)
30. Nuclear and Radiation Attacks (A. Djalali)



The content could be amended or modified due to revision by the Organising Universities