Credit units: 3

Study time: 75



  1. List the range of reactions that children and adults may demonstrate in the aftermath of a crisis
  2. Identify risk factors for difficulty adjusting to a crisis that can be used for triage purposes
  3. Understand the reactions that may be seen among adult professionals responding to a crisis
  4. Discuss principles of psychological first aid
  5. Construct a plan for hospital disaster response that includes careful consideration of mental health needs of patients, visitors, and staff
  6. Outline basic principles in constructing effective public media messages in the setting of a crisis
  7. Discuss the importance of self-care for responders to crisis events and disasters


Previous knowledge

The content of the programme units on psychology and mental care of the respective master programmes.


Study material
The website of the master ( provides the students with the core content and “need to read” material. Exercises, executed individually or in group, at the website of the master or during the live-in course.


Mode of assessment
Test at the end of the module and final examination at the website of the master.



Disaster Mental Health (M. Horlait, M. Duckers)
Psychologiacal Aspects  (M. Horlait, M. Duckers)
Social Aspects ( M. Horlait, M. Duckers)


The content could be amended or modified due to revision by the Organising Universities


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