Coordinators: I. Hubloue, L. Ragazzoni

Credit units: 3

Study time: 75



  1. List the special concerns regarding adult training and education in disaster medicine.
  2. Design, develop, deliver, and evaluate disaster medicine educational and training programs.
  3. Apply performance measurement and after-action review in disaster medicine exercises.
  4. Apply simulation techniques and tools for different types of training.


Previous knowledge
Not applicable.


Study material

The website of the master ( provides the students with the core content and “need to read” material. Exercises, executed individually or in group, at the website of the master or during the live-in course.


Mode of assessment
Test at the end of the module and final examination at the website of the master.


1. Adult learning and education and science on disasters ( I. Hubloue, L. Ragazzoni)
2. Disaster medical training process and material ( I. Hubloue, L. Ragazzoni)
3. Testing and evaluation techniques ( I. Hubloue, L. Ragazzoni)
4. Computer-based training for disasters ( I. Hubloue, L. Ragazzoni)
5. Organizing operations-based exercises ( I. Hubloue, L. Ragazzoni)



The content could be amended or modified due to revision by the Organising Universities