European Master in Disaster Medicine

EMDM Course Aim

The EMDM is intended to provide participants with a clear picture of current concepts and developments in the medical management of disasters. The EMDM will aim and serve as a main contribution to the global development of disaster medicine as an academic discipline.

At the end of the course we expect the participants to be able:


  • to understand the basic characteristics of disaster medicine;
  • to assess the epidemiological impacts of disasters;
  • to assess the health risks in disaster situations and propose measures for primary prevention;
  • to participate in the medical preparedness and planning for disasters;
  • to direct the medical response in disaster situations;
  • to master the medical managerial and care aspects of specific disasters;
  • to organize and manage the psychosocial support of victims and rescuers in disaster situations;
  • to organize and manage evaluation and debriefing sessions;
  • to organize education and training in disaster medicine and medical disaster management;
  • to master the medical managerial aspects in complex humanitarian emergencies;
  • to understand the legal, ethical and moral aspects of disaster medicine;
  • to supervise, develop and conduct innovative research on the medical aspects of disasters in multidisciplinary and applied settings.